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aster strudel. pillsbury toaster strudel. so fun. . >> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. new questions about the latest officer involved shooting vallejo officers fired 30 rounds at main killing him. at least two people are dead this morning after a car bombing of a u.s. government vehicle. delegates from cal -- [ inaudible ] . good morning thanks for joining us i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas it is labor day. >> we'll check in with mike for the forecast. good morning. starting off with a dry live
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doppler. area you see here in mauve color dense fog advisory 9:00, visibility down to quarter of a mile so be careful there. today at the coast it will be partly cloudy low to mid 60s sunny around the bay, 72 to 84, warmest temperatures inland 87 to 94. let's find out about that commute with sue hall. we don't have much of a commute, good morning holiday light. one point i wanted to mention if you are stpeging someone from tahoe this early labor -- expecting someone from tahoe this early labor day 80 donner lake accident. this is closer to home 80 westbound towards the bay bridge, macarthur maze light once you get to the bay bridge no metering lights on. minor delays headed across the -- across the san mateo bridge
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and alternate 237 otherwise folks -- [ unintelligible ] 6: . the family of a man shot -- 6:02. the family of a man shot by police has lead to questions. police say they fired more than 30 times, believing the man had a gun. amy hollyfield is in vallejo. there have been several officer-involved shooting there this summer. >> reporter: this is the seventh since may, the fifth fatal some residents said they are afraid of vallejo police. the family of 23-year-old mario reher row is questioning whether it was necessary to -- mar whether it was necessary to shoot and kill him. he was sitting in a car police shined a spotlight on to the car officers admit they did not identify themselves they say he got out of his car
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which his family disputes. they say he turned his back appeared to be reaching for a gun and he pointed it at them and that's when they opened fire at one point they got on top of the car and shooting through the front windshield. >> it was a lot of shots it was like -- and a pause then you hear somebody talking and then -- again. they had to open the door to get him out of there. >> reporter: police say they shot more than 30 rounds at the car even reloading at one point. inside the car they found a pellet gun and 30 ecstasy tabs. romero died in the shooting he's the father of a 3-year-old girl. his family says this loss is devastating and they want vallejo police to answer for his death. his passenger was also shot several times, he is in the hospital and is expected to recover. amy hollyfield, abc7 news.
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we have breaking news from east palo alto, right now we are getting our first video from a home where a man has been found stabbed inside he suffered several wounds, police called to a home on new bridge street before 3:30 this morning. the victim has been rushed to a hospital suffering from numerous stab wounds. police haven't had much of a chance to ask him about his attacker. investigators are on the scene now processing whatever physical evidence they can find. we'll bring more additional details and zoos as the information becomes available. this morning police in fresno investigating whether hazing claimed the life of a young pledge. 18-year-old fleshman from bakersfield collapsed friday night after hours of heavy drinking he suffered severe brain damage doctors took him off life support last night he died a short time later. he started pledgeing last week
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toxicology tests will be done to determine his blood alcohol level this week. fresno state officials suspended the fraternity while the tragedy is being investigated. oakland police investigating several weekend shootings that left one dead and three injured. a man died saturday night in a shooting a from children's hospital. the victim is 29-year-old lorenzo ward no arrests have been made this is oakland's 81st homicide this year, two man than this time last year. three others injured in separate shootings, they are expected to recover. san jose man in jail on suspicion of felony hit-and-run after police say he struck two pedestrians with his cadillac then took off. officers spotted the gold cadillac an hour after the attack. police took the man into custody they say the 23-year-old had been arguing with the victims before he
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struck them with his car. their injuries are not life-threatening. developing news from overseas this morning. a car filled with explosives rammed into a u.s. government vehicle in pakistan, killing two wounding 19. the bombing happened in the peshawar region in the northwestern part of the country. these images of the aftermath were captured by pakistan think tv. identity of those killed not released. local police say a u.s. passport was found in the burned out wreckage. the vehicle was packed after it left -- was tacked after it left the u.s. consulate's office. a planly is planned this morning, they say the community warning system is deficient, they say during last month's fire residents were not warned for nearly five hours after a leak at the plant. protesters calling for chevron to pay its fair share of taxes the corporation still pays
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1978 rates unprop 13. oakland church is -- pharbling the end of an era after more than 100 years the fruitvale presbyterian church held its last service yesterday. the church only has 50 members because of the declining membership the national presbyterian denomination voted to chose the church. the church rays last service marked the end, but -- the church's last service marked the end, but also the beginning. >> it is bittersweet there's been a lot of tender moments also a joyful occasion to recognize god is still working and moving and this is a chance to step into new life. >> a congregation will begin renting the old church next week. the fruitvale presbyterian church was founded in 189 89 for farming families who couldn't -- couldn't make
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night the city to worship. lots of people have outdoor activities planned. a lot going on whether you are going to sausalito, san francisco, oakland watch a couple baseball games, look at art, going to be a fine day you need something to shade you from the sun very strong even out to the coast high pressure taking over neighborhoods you can see the lack of clouds middle and upper parts of the atmosphere dense fog around the coast this morning. let's check out temperatures and see how we are doing compared to yesterday, most of us are warmer, as we break in today temperatures in the 50s through 7:00, look how fast we warm, 30° warmer inland by noon, 20° warmer around the bay, 90s inland by 4:00, 80s bay, mid 60s coast. temperatures start declining tomorrow, but you will start to notice wednesday and
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thursday by then we could be 10° cooler across the board. another check of traffic. good morning. very thick fog golden gate bridge at this hour. fortunately, traffic is very light, limited visibility as you come out of waldo tunnel, a lot of events, vallejo, green streets, later this morning, not going to affect the embarcadero be aware that bike race is going on, also sausalito art festival anderson drive off of 101 from the golden gate bridge usually backed up into downtown san francisco -- sausalito i should say so give yourself extra time if you are headed out there today. 6:09. a peninsula city could get a financial windfall from facebook. we'll explain, next. helpful tips for college students heading back to class how to save money when buying expensive textbooks.
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plus, back to business for prince harry. no more monkey business, real business. he prepares to make his first speech fully clothed, as far as we know, [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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who are these guys? oh, that's just my buds. bacon, donuts. -my taste buds. -[ taste buds ] waffles. how about we try this new kind of fiber one cereal? you think you're going to slip some fiber by us? rookie. okay. ♪ nutty clusters and almonds, ♪ ♪ almonds. ♪ fiber one is gonna make you smile. ♪ [ male announcer ] introducing new fiber one nutty clusters and almonds. with 43% daily value of fiber for you. crunchy nutty clusters and real almond slices for your taste buds. bay area college students are heading back-to-school, new classes, new books being prepared doesn't have to mean breaking the bank.
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here's tips to save money: hitting the books can hit a college student in the wallet. >> close to $700 on books. >> vicious circle of trying to get money from students is a joke. >> about $600, not as much as morgan but still a big chunk. >> according to the college board the average student spent $1200 on textbooks in the last academic year. scott says even though the college bookstore maybe the most convenient option, it is not a student's only option. >> the books there are typically top dollar. you want to check online sites, a lot of those textbook search engines will find the cheapest retailers. >> resale and exchange of previously used books has become easier thanks to specialized sites like amazon and
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students should tap into their own social networks. >> what better way to trade or purchase books than from people you know. you want to use your social at network use the folks you know on twitter, facebook. >> he also recommends searching for the international editions of books, books designed for different regions of the world but often have the same content as the u.s. edition and can safe you -- can save you as much as 70%. for more ideas go to look foresee it on tv. >> menlo park stands to fix up several middles in fees from facebook's expansion plans. facebook plans to negotiate a deal with menlo park to build a new facility on the 22 acre west campus that will employ 2800. city officials have not settled on how much to ask for but they know the company will have to pay 4 1/2 million dollars toward affordable housing.
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prince harry is back on official duty with three public appearances today. it will be the first time the prince will take questions from reporters since those embarrassing photos of him playing strip billiards in a las vegas hotel room were published. the prince is scheduled to present the award for most inspirational child. back to -- >> maybe he's not embarrassed, do we ever think of that? >> no, we never did. >> we are embarrassed for him. >> i'm sure if grandma had a talk with him he's embarrassed. >> what time is it? >> 6:16. >> hi everybody, let's show what is going on don't punch me in the arm. gentleman never. >> i know you wouldn't. that brother love there, yeah. hook at that some of the fog trying to roll in from the coast look how thin it is,
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look how low it, not going to last long even at the coast, a lot of sunshine this afternoon. live doppler 7 hd showing clouds along the coast and how dry it is, from daly city to carmel we have a dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00, visibility less than a quarter mile please be careful. we are in the 40s at half moon bay santa rosa 46 and 49 everybody else in the 50s this morning here's what i think is going to happen today, summer warmth once again probably the warmest day in the forecast, more clouds tonight marine layer comes back, sea breeze follows that's why we have our coolest weather during the middle parts of this week. today compared to average, eight degrees warmer in livermore, 94, santa rosa 90, seven degrees warmer than average, 78 oakland is four, san jose 85, two.
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san francisco 70, average. redwood city close, 80, two degrees cooler than average. here's the cloud cover, trying to push across san francisco into parts of the bay through 9:00. focus in on noon to 2:00, clouds dissipating along the coast 60s and 70s from the coast inland to 80s and 90s. we'll have mid 60s along the coast, mid 70s to low 80s around the bay. upper 80s to mid 90s inland. we drop two to four degrees tuesday, wednesday, coolest thursday, friday before another warming trend for saturday and sunday. hope you have a great labor day. good morning. earlier accident in the lake tahoe area 80 westbound at didn'ter in lake has been cleared out of lanes -- at donner lake has been cleared out of lanes. bay bridge no back-up very light, stall on the right shoulder and you can see that is not affecting traffic into
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san francisco, continues to be smooth on upper deck into downtown, drive through walnut creek and concord and on into the dublin interchange holiday light through the san ramon valley and 580 junction as well no problems there. here's your alternate to the dumbarton closure san mateo bridge looking good, very lightheaded westbound, taillights up towards the highrise over to foster city. headlights headed towards hayward great alternate 237 for that dumbarton closure that should be reopened again tomorrow morning they are saying earlier than the expected 5 a.m. start. fremont boulevard street downtown closed due to construction for the rest of the day today. 6:19. >> a's and giants both playing at home today. a preview of the games. the end of the line for classic coaster as the santa cruz beach board work
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the a's will welcome the angels to the coliseum this afternoon after they swept the red sox a's won ninth straight
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game yesterday homers helped provide some of the runs and anderson's pitching kept the red sox at bay a's over boston 6-2. a's remain three games back of the rangers. giants return home after beating the cubs in chicago giants rally in the 9th to break a tie, come up with two key runs and win 7-5 to take the series, giants will take on the diamondbacks at at&t park this afternoon. if you love rollercoasters today is your last chance to ride an old favorite at the santa cruz beach boardwalk. labor day is the last day to ride the hurricane before it is dismantled and sent to an amusement park in new mexico it will be replaced by a new ride next year. it has been on the boardwalk since 1992. 6:24. still ahead, new questions this morning about a deadly officer-involved shooting in vallejo. how police are defending their acts, after the shooting that
6:25 am
killed a man. trouble at the democratic national convention, why a california delegate has been sent home after an embarrassing incident. notice all the sunshine, 60s along the coast to 70s and 80s around the bay, 80s and 90s inland. we'll see a lot of sunshine as the afternoon unfolds even with the dense fog at the coast this morning. 70s in seattle and portland boston new york 80s and 90s dallas and phoenix triple digits all major airports on time even here in the bay area. dumbarton bridge remains closed until tomorrow morning. alternate routes and event traffic implications for your labor day coming up after the break.
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. good morning many coming up on 6:30 monday september 3rd, happy lay day. you are looking live from our sutro camera just that one finger fog mike tells me but not going to stake around all day some people are going to see nice temperatures and sunshine more on that coming up in a little bit.
6:30 am
i'm katie marzullo in for kristen sze. and i'm eric thomas. first up, why don't we get a check on that weather forecast. unofficial end to summer, going to feel like it. good morning, satellite, radar live doppler clouds along coast especially thick where you see this mauve color from daly city down to carmel where we have a dense fog advisory until 9:00, visibility quarter or 1/8 of a mile. coast cloudy through 7:00, 49 to 54 sun by noon, mostly sunny at 4:00, about 60 to 65°. if you are hanging around the bay, mostly sunny conditions in the 50s top out around 68 to 80 mild to warm by 4:00 as we head inland we'll find the warmest temperatures, after a sunny start, 40s and 50s, 80s and 90s for the better part of the afternoon. here's sue with a look at
6:31 am
your traffic. very light conditions this morning, this is 80 through berkeley into the macarthur maze, it is holiday light i hope you are enjoying good time to travel not many on the road i am update on what is happening with mass transit this monday holiday, everybody on a sunday or holiday schedule, bart, muni, ferries, no ace out of the central valley, sausalito ferry having extra boats for that wonderful art festival which can be heavy traffic around those surface streets and bridgeway. 6:31ranu another officer-involved shooting in vallejo is raising questions. victim's family says the story doesn't add up. amy hollyfield is live in vallejo with the story. >> reporter: vallejo police admit they didn't identify themselves they didn't say
6:32 am
anything before they started shooting and the man who was killed did not fire at police officers. the family is questioning whether the shooting was justified. 23-year-old mario romero had a pell mit gun and police say he pointed it at them. police were on patrol 4:00 yesterday morning and shined a spotlight on them. police say romero got out of his car that's when they saw the again his family disputes that. >> driver of the vehicle exited the car, both officers noticed he a hand again protruding from his waistband they could see the grip of the gun. >> my brother was not out the car the door was not open if he was anywhere near out the car there would be bullet holes on his door, there's no bullet holes on his door. >> reporter: police say they fired about 30 rounds at within point got on to the car and shot through the front
6:33 am
windshield they believe romero pointed that gun at him but never fired. inside they found the pellet gun and 30 tabs of ecstasy. his pang shot several times survived, expected to be okay this is the 7th officer vol-ed -- officer involved shooting since may the fifth fatal one some at the vigil last night said they are afraid of vallejo police. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. also in vallejo, two men in custody after police say they robbed a home as the homeowner hid in terror. it happened on kenyon way the homeowner mid her bathroom and called 911 police arrived in time to catch the seconds. police believe the 18 and -- time to catch the suspects. police believe they are responsible for other burglaries in the same area. democrats arriving in charlotte, north carolina for the party's national convention which starts
6:34 am
tomorrow. the california delegation is holding its first meeting this morning, hotel breakfast with nancy pelosi. democrats are ready to make their case to the nation as to why president obama deserves another four years. this week they roll out big names in politics as well as hollywood michelle obama bill clinton and the president himself to center stars. -- to superstars. one california delegate has already been sent home after two members were found to be intoxicated when they arrived at their hotel. two partied into the wee hours of sunday morning in the lobby of their charlotte hotel one passed out and taken to the hospital the other allegedly we lidge rent with hotel staff and arrested after -- belligerent -- >> the others have been released if from the --
6:35 am
[ unintelligible ] mark matthews will be live all week from the convention. follow him on facebook also tweeting. exhausting night for southern california firefighters battling a 3600 acre wildfire in the angeles national forest they worked through the night trying to contain the fire that broke out yesterday in the san gabriel mountains, thirdmiles east of l.a., authorities evacuated the resort which typically has 12,000 on a holiday weekend. the resort is safe but the road into the camp threatened. three hundred firefighters on the scene with heavy equipment and water dropping helicopters. >> helicopter damaged during a routine water drop over the
6:36 am
north pacifier this is youtube video. -- the helicopter hit a dead tree while operating unsmokey conditions, no one was hurt the fire has been burning since august 18th. it has charred more than 41,000 acres flames destroyed seven homes, nine out-buildings this morning 58% contained. >> :36. a man who slipped off a cliff in san francisco is recovering it happened north of ocean beach near the cliff house restaurant emergency responders found the man trapped on slippery rocks it took a half hour to find him in the foggy conditions. the man did not appear to be badly injureds arrest choose loaded him on to an ambulance. good news, caltrans says traffic may be moving on the dumbarton bridge ahead of tomorrow's planned 5 a.m. opening. this is video from caltrans,
6:37 am
crews spending the holiday weekend replacing the eastern seismic joins also lifting the bridge five inches to put steel bearings in place. caltrans says good weather is helping the work get done ahead of schedule. the dumbarton was closed to all traffic friday night at 10:00. 6:37. time for a check on the weather. good for bridge repairs and good for the holiday, mike? absolutely if you like it warm, we've got it today even the coast. good morning welcome to labor day starting off the same temperatures as we did yesterday in hay and san francisco, two degrees cooler in napa, everybody else two to six degrees warmer, setting a higher base, one the comes up to get us warmer this afternoon, it will be sunny, water vapor imagery, humidity in the air, more moisture if you will or water vapor, orange driest air sitting over san francisco, points out, that's why i think the clouds at the coast won't
6:38 am
last very long this morning. we start off cool, 50s in most areas, a few 40s, santa rosa and half moon bay, 30° warmer inland by noon, mid 80s there. bay mid 70s 60s coast mid 60s 4:00, low 80s bay low 90s by 4:00. next three days, dropping two to four december each day until the low water mark thursday and friday temperatures slightly below average with a little more cloud cover. warming trend in a few minutes. first here is sue hall with your traffic. good morning. dumbarton bridge as we've been reporting, remains closed alternate san mateo bridge to the north looking good 60 miles an hour there to the south 237 also a great alternate at this hour hopefully with any luck as cal tran has been telling us they will get that open earlier tomorrow than expected. [ unintelligible ] live shot now of your commute
6:39 am
from concord through walnut creek towards the 24 junction, holiday night, here's a look at the toll, no metering lights, very light traffic as the sun starts coming up on this monday morning upper deck san francisco moving well as well, one of your alternate to dumbarton route, san mateo bridge very light in both directions. 6:39. still ahead, battle over bragging rights. what is america's best selling car in this morning's bloomberg business report. president obama set to see the areas hit hard by hurricane isaac today. some victims are calling his visit into question. plus, memorial to victims of a deadly east bay firestorm targeted by vandals again. how residents are planning to fight back. [ taste buds ] donuts, donuts, donuts!
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>> announcer: live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> >> check out all the sunshine even the coat mid 60s, 70 -- 70 around san francisco mid 70s throw 80s bay inland 80s and more 90s north bay and east bay valleys. the entire state dry right now. there's a slight chance of a stray shower around palm springs i think the hotness is going to be the big story as we look at temperatures around
6:44 am
108 in palm springs, 80s l.a. and san diego, 90s through the central valley into yosemite, upper 70s tahoe and big sur. a look now at what trending on er in the bay area. happy labor day, match box 20, charlotte where the democrat national convention is, bonanza and barbecue, oh yeah. follow us at abc7 news bay area. in afghanistan, americans special forces suspended the training of new recruits to an afghan village militia until the entire 16,000 member force can be rescreened for possible links to insurgents. the move is latest response to series of insider shootings carried out by members of the afghan police and army against western troops. 45 nato service members have been killed in such attacks this year the american death toll for august was 12.
6:45 am
the training suspension is expected to last about a month while the revetting takes place. secretary of state clinton spending labor day holiday in indonesia urging southeast asian states to present a united front in their dealings with china. she will be in the indonesian capital to offer u.s. support a plan to ease tensions by implementing a code of conduct for all claims to disputed islands in the south china sea. jakarta is headquarters for the association of southeast asian nations. the u.s. hopes progress will be made for the november summit that president obama plans to attend. president obama is spending part of the day in louisiana checking out devastation left by sack. the president's visit today follows a similar meeting between mitt romney and storm victims last week. gulf residents have dealt with flooding and massive power outages since isaac came ashore last tuesday, storm victims say political showboating isn't what is needed they want to know who
6:46 am
is going to get the power restored? this weekend traditionally the end of high gas prices for the year. new survey says the national average this labor day sets a new record. the nation's average price for a gallon of regular is $3.80, third seen cents higher than a year ago in california where -- 13 cents higher than a year ago. in cal we pay more oil crews are returning to rigs in the gulf of mexico now that hurricane isaac has moved on.c9k in florida, five pilot whales are struggling for their lives after beaching themselves with 17 other members of their pod. it was a heart breaking scene as beachgoers tried to help the whales back into the water this weekend. >> i want to show our kids is it is the right thing to do. >> hopefully they will get released and will be back with their family. >> only five whales survived. they are being taken care inform a rehab center.
6:47 am
pilot whales are socially close as a group, speculation is they followed a sick member of their pod on to the beach. 6:47. gift cards go green and unique insight has to how apple manages to keep its stores packed. >> here's the bloomberg business report. good morning. apple tells store employs how to act including words they can use most of the training manual is dedicated to dealing with confrontations and the importance of sending out positive vibes. battle over bragging rights, ford and toyota each claiming to produce the best selling car in the world in the first six months of the year. focus is top selling single car name plate meaning a vehicle sold under only one name, corolla has different names carmakers use sales
6:48 am
leadership as a marketing tool to attract buyers. bernanke said he has not ruled out more stimulus help to bring down employment. the jobs report due later this week, forcasters show unemployment rate holding steady at 8.3, the hope the fed will do more has boosted stocks for the past three months. whole foods trying to take gift cards green, phasing out recycled plastic cards for wood-based ones, one made of wood, one made of paper. mike joining us with a look at the forecast. a lot going on today, labor day, going to feel very warm, good morning let's look out and you can see some of the clouds hanging around the east bay shore to the coast, trying to spill across the bay, the bay water so cool it disspates the fog and reforms overland this morning, very interesting set-up.
6:49 am
doppler showing that it is very thin and dry, but thick along the coast watch out from daly city to carmel we are going to have thick fog quarter mile visibility through at least 9:00. if you are stepping outside right now, dress for 50s except half moon bay and santa rosa mid to upper 40s there. for the afternoon, summer warmth today, more clouds tonight marine layer gets thicker, sea breeze kicks in cooling begins tomorrow through thursday, friday probably the coolest days in the forecast. everybody warmer except san jose the same as yesterday 85 concord one degree warmer two in oakland three and four fremont, santa rosa and san francisco south bay from 82 milpitas, 85 san jose, 90 los gatos. low to mid 60s coast, 70
6:50 am
downtown south san francisco north bay valleys upper 80s to low 90s mid 60s with sun at your beaches upper 70s to mid 80s east bay shore, low to mid 90s into the east bay valleys, monterey bay mid 60s carmel, monterey and also pacific grove, upper 70s the rest of the bay, 90s inland. coliseum 105 first pitch, 73 warming up to 76 the same time at at&t park diamondbacks and giants up to 1 with a lot of sunshine -- up to 71 with a lot of sunshine. sunny and mild during the afternoon and breezy with mid 70s. we lose two to four degrees everyday until we get to thursday, friday by then 8 to 10° cooler than today warmth returns saturday, sunday. have a great labor day. good morning. light up there, traffic wise
6:51 am
this monday holiday, drive times heading out now, from the carquinez to the maze un20 minutes. highway 4 westbound continues to be very light from antioch towards pittsburg into the concord area. 580 from the central valleys altamont pass into the dublin pleasanton interchange, less than 15 minutes. that's a nice way to go on this holiday. problems northbound 880 al i accident cleared no significant slowing -- past the scene drive times, live shot of san jose, here's how light it is if you are traveling from san jose snaking towards cupertino, a couple of cars on the road, highway 17 out of santa cruz mountains light. holiday light as we were mentioning this is a blanket of fog on to the golden gate bridge very light traffic also very limited visibility coming out of waldo tunnel no problems into the city. 6:51.
6:52 am
the memorial honoring victims of a 1991 oakland firestorm has been vandalized again at the entrance of the -- that angers gordon piper who lost his home in the fire and dedicated much of his life to the memory of 25 who lost their lives in the fire. over the weekend someone cut off parts of a metal sculpture and hauled them away possibly to sell now up to volunteers to raise more money to fix the sculpture. san jose firefighter who suffered a heart attack while battling a blaze remains in critical condition this morning. 15 year veteran frank ryan collapsed last thursday. >> please be safe out there. >> dozens showed their support at at vigil for ryan and his co-workers yesterday where
6:53 am
he's hospitalized. first responders joined member of the community in offering prayers for ryan. a candle was lit and passed around organizers plan to give that candle to his family. a dog with a nose for mussels is working to stop a mess beingy infestation popeye is sniffing out the mussels that are wreaking havoc by attaching themselves to bottom of boats reproduce quickly and destroy natural habitats and fisheries they've caused more than 500 million dollars in damage nation wild. popeye the dog is randomly inspecting boats and will be back at work tomorrow. the petaluma national little league team is taking it easy today after an exhausting but thrilling day yesterday many first, they were honored with a parade.
6:54 am
thousands lined the streets of petaluma to cheer on the players who made them so proud during the little league world series they finished third in the world playing a thrilling double elimination series in pennsylvania after the parade players signed autographs and thanked so many who supported the team and it didn't end there. last night they had a private pizza party with none other than pitcher matt cain. >> like those benefits. >> you bet. >> here's five things to know before you go: number one, vallejo police -- 20 -year-old man bay officers early yesterday morning police say the man started getting out of his car, they saw a gun and began shooting. the dead man's family members disagree with the police account. >> number two, protesters planning a labor day rally in front of the chevron refinery later this morning. their complaints, they say the community warning system
6:55 am
is deficient during last month's fire it took more than four hours to notify nearby resident there is was a leak. >> number three, member of the california delegation has been sent home from the national convention that kicks off tomorrow in charlotte, . he allegedly got drunk, partying -- sunday morning in a hotel lobby, be lidge agent with hotel staff, re-- number four, cal frances traffic could be moving -- cal transtraffic could be moving ahead of schedule. >> number five, oakland a's and giants are both playing at home the a's host angels after sweeping the red sox 6-2 sunday and the giants return to at&t park. whether you plan on barbecuing in the backyard or heading for the coast let's find out what the forecast tells us.
6:56 am
good morning. welcome to labor day, live doppler dry but thick clouds along the coast from daly to carmel, you see it in the mauve color where we have the dense fog advisory until 9:00, visibility is long one -- as far as temperatures today, partly cloudy at the coast, mid 60s, sun around the bay, from 72 to 84 warm to hot inland from 87 to 94 feels like summer. recap, mass transit as you head out this is a live look at the toll light, sun is coming up, no problems, no metering lights, traffic flowing smoothly on the upper deck into san francisco, mass transit all on sunday and holiday schedule today, bart, muni, ferries with sausalito having extra ferries for the art festival, ace no train
6:57 am
service out of the central valley today. otherwise, we are looking forward to that dumbarton opening possibly early tomorrow morning, we'll be following caltrans and get the commute going smooth >> thank you for joining us for this edition of the abc7 morning news. don't forget to download our new alarm clock app for your iphone, you can wake up to the bay area's latest headline, weather and traffic, right on your phone. use that tomorrow, today, you got to sleep in and watch the morning news
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